Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holly, Jolly Cristman! and Oh Danny boy, the doctor's office calls you...

As we look to understand the type of system United will play under coach Onalfo, it is best to look at the acquisitions being made. At this point, it would appear that we are looking to have attacking wings and a strong defensive middle of the field in order to cover for any ground the wide players will leave exposed.

Exhibit A: Castillo - an attacking left wing
Exhibit B: Allsopp - a big target striker
Exhibit C: Flo - a defensive mid
and now Exibit D: Adam Cristman - another big target type of forward

I like the Cristman pick up. I think you can't ask for much more to round out your group of forwards. His production versus salary (while not injured) has been great. He is also local, another thing I like. He is American, making him less of a sexy choice, but allows us the freedom to look for quality in other areas from overseas.

Also, Danny Szetela is to go under the knife. I think if the front office was truly content with the players they have, then this should be the wake up call. With one injury, the middle looks even weeker. It is looking like Danny will be out for a month. Good thing it is just pre-season.

Lastly, is it just me or are we missing a lot of players right now? What is the body count or MIA?
-Castillo - Wisdom teeth (if they really made you wiser, then why do you take them out?)
-Allsopp - Visa issues
-Szetela - reference above
-Namoff - Alecko/Gros syndrom
-Quaranta - recovering from surgery
-Wicks - recovering from surgery
-James - recovery from injury
-Jackovic - international duty
-Perkins - international duty
-Pontius - international duty

That is a long list!

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